When it comes to protecting parking lots, Central Florida Asphalt in Polk County Florida has a team of more than 28 years of combined experience  and knowledge in your sealcoating and paving needs. We are  ready to assist you with all your sealcoating needs in the Polk County areas. Sealcoating is a protective barrier that is applied over the asphalt. It is also an effective way to help you avoid making costly repairs later on. Think of it as a “sun block” for your pavement.

Once you’ve had your paved area in place for approximately 90 days, you may want to consider sealcoating it in order to protect it from elements that are sure to deteriorate the surface. Central Florida Asphalt in Central Florida, recommends this time frame to ensure the surface is fully cured before sealcoating can be applied. Sealcoating will act as a protective barrier, shielding the pavement from exposure to UV rays, water, gas, oil, salt and chemicals. All these elements can penetrate the pavement and cause it to fade or break down over time. Oxidation from UV rays can cause unsightly and costly damage. Sealcoating is the most efficient way to avoid water, sun damage, other elements and chemicals from penetrating into the asphalt and causing deterioration and break down in the future.

In addition to the protective benefits sealcoating provides, it also restores the pavement to a fresh beautiful look. Sealcoated pavements have a rich charcoal color with a clean appearance that greatly improves the overall look of the pavement. Stains such as oil spills don’t stand out as much which keeps the surface looking clean and well maintained. This makes the area look more attractive to customers and visitors. Central Florida Asphalt is a Lakeland, Florida based company that provides sealcoating services throughout Polk County to assist you in protecting your investment. Choose local first!